Friday’s Ringwood Coffee Menu

Friday’s Coffee Menu

We serve an extensive range of Nespresso coffees made as you like it Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, mocha, flat white…

We use Roma as our standard coffee if you do not wish to choose

Kazaar – Exceptionally intense & syrupy – intensity 12A daring blend of two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala, specially prepared for Nespresso, and a separately roasted Arabica from South America, Kazaar is a coffee of exceptional intensity. Its powerful bitterness and notes of pepper are balanced by a full and creamy texture

Dharkan – Long roasted & velvety – intensity 11Blend of a row because from Latin America and Asia fully unveils its character thanks to the technique of long roasting at a low temperature. It’s a powerful personality reveals in tents roasted notes with hints of butter cocoa powder and toasted cereals that express themselves in a silky and velvety texture

Arpeggio – Intense & creamy – intensity 9A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes

Roma – Full & balanced – intensity 8The balance of lightly roasted South and Central American Arabicas with Robusta, gives Roma sweet and woody notes and q full, lasting taste on the palate

Volluto – Sweet & light – intensity 4A blend of pure and lightly roasted Arabica from South America, Volluto reveals sweet and biscuity flavours, reinforced by a little acidity and a fruit note

Decaffeinated Coffees

Decaffeinato arpeggio – Intense & creamy – intensity 9A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio Decaffeinato boasts strong character, intense body and cocoa notes

Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo – Complex & balanced – intensity 4Vivalto Luingo Decaffeinato is a balanced decaffeinated coffee that perfectly preserves the complexity of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas, combining both roasted and subtle floral notes

Pure Blend Coffees

Indriya from India – Powerful & spicy – intensity 10Noble marriage of Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from southern India. It is a full-bodies espresso, which has a distinct personality with notes of spices

Rosabaya de Colombia – Fruity & balanced – intensity 6This blend of fine, individually roasted Colombian Arabicas, develops a subtle acidity with typical red fruit and winey notes

Dulsao do Brasil – Sweet & satiny smooth – intensity 4A pure Arabica coffee, Dulsao do Brasilia is a delicate blend of red and yellow Bourbon beans from Brazil. Its satiny smooth, elegantly balanced flavour is enhanced with a note of delicately toasted grain

Bukeela ka Ethiopia – intensity 3Composed of two very different Arabicas from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, this delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin lungo reveals unexpected wild notes of musk and wood


Flavoured Coffees

Caramelito – Caramel flavoured – intensity 6The sweet flavour of caramel softens the roasted notes of the Livabto Grand Cru. This delicate gourmet marriage evokes the creaminess of soft toffee

Ciocattinio – Chocolate flavoured – intensity 6Dark and bitter chocolate notes meet the caramelised roast of the Livanto Grand Cru. A rich combination reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate

Vanilio – Vanilla flavoured – intensity 6A balanced harmony between the rich and velvety aromas of vanilla and the mellow flavour of the Livanto Grand Cru. A blend distinguished by its full flavour, infinitely smooth and silky on the palate

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