Friday’s Ringwood Dessert Menu

Friday’s Dessert Menu

Purbeck Sorbet – 1.95 per scoop
Raspberry, lime, blood orange, stem ginger or mango

 Purbeck Ice-Cream – 1.95 per scoop
Salted caramel, rum raisin, clotted cream, vanilla bean, Chocolate, strawberry or stem ginger

Brownie – 5.75
Warm chocolate brownie with clotted cream ice cream & seasonal fruits

Creme Brulee- 5.75
Flavoured with Amaretto and served with biscotti

Sticky Toffee Pudding – 5.75
Toffee sauce & vanilla ice cream

Affogato – 4.50
Clotted cream ice cream ‘drowned’ with a shot of coffee and served with biscotti

Dessert Wine – 3.10 – 50ml / 5.90 – 100mlLouis Eschenauer, Sauternes, FranceWith a careful selection of the berries and grapefruit, this liqourous wine is rich & harmoniousElysium Black MuscatWith a rose-like aroma, very intense on the palate and full of fantastic rich velvety fruit

Liquor Coffee – 5.55
Jameson, Amaretto, Cointreau, Baileys or Tia Maria

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